Bishop-elect Dr Augustine Unuigbe: accused of false gospel preaching and heresy
Allegations of false teaching and prosperity preaching against Suffragan Bishop-elect Augustine Unuigbe by a “Senior ACNA Clergy” and the Consecration of the four Suffragan Bishop-elects by His Grace, The Most Revd. Dr. Nicholas D. Okoh, Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of all Nigeria on Wednesday 3rd of July 2019.

The Service of Consecration of the four Suffragan Bishop-elects in the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity (ADOTT), is scheduled for 9.00 am on Wednesday 3rd of July, 2019, by the grace of God, at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Anglican Cathedral, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. His Grace, The Most Revd. Dr. Nicholas D. Okoh Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of all Nigeria, will preside over the Service.

It would be recalled that recently, the attention of the Primate was drawn to allegations of false teaching and prosperity preaching by a “Senior ACNA Clergy” against one of the Suffragan Bishop-elects, The Revd. Canon Dr. Augustine Unuigbe. Consequently, the Primate ordered a review of the matter and directed him to make an undertaking. This necessitated detailed explanations from the Bishop-elect who had since complied with all primatial directives on issue.

Specifically, he submitted an undertaking to the Primate as directed in which he tendered an apology for any inadvertent error made in his sermon that elicited the allegations by the said “Senior ACNA Clergy.” He assured the Primate of his continuous commitment to the teachings of the Word of God in its undiluted form and that he will continue to align with the vision of the Church of Nigeria, as a “Biblebased” Church. He also re-affirmed his unflinching loyalty to the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and indeed to our Lord Jesus Christ.

While reiterating his obedience and absolute loyalty to the sole authority of the Holy Scriptures, the Bishop-elect made an undertaking that he will not engage in any form of teaching that is opposed to the Holy Scriptures and that he will desist from interfacing and arguing with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as a body or members of her Province.

As a Diocese, we believe that a fair and unbiased review of the allegations was conducted and we are delighted that the matter has now been laid to rest.

We are grateful to God for the election, the confirmation and the ministry of these Bishop-elects. We have always expressed our gratitude to the Primate and Bishops of the Church of Nigeria for their support for the growth and expansion of our Diocese, particularly in the most recent time, through the election and the forth-coming consecration of the Bishop-elects. We covet the prayers of the ‘faithfuls’ for each of them as they continue in their missionary work in North America in this new capacity.

Certainly, their election and the upcoming consecration have further energized us in our firm commitment to the continuous preaching and teaching of the Word of God as well as strengthen our resolve to focus on missionary activities in the USA and in Canada.

God being our helper, we shall remain intimately glued to the vision and mission of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), which is a Bible-based, spiritually dynamic, disciplined and an evangelical Church that demonstrates the love of Christ in all its ramifications.


THE RT. REVD. AMOS FAGBAMIYE, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc. M.Div, fss, mss, dss
The Diocesan Bishop
Anglican Diocese of the Trinity
(Church of Nigeria – Anglican Communion)
Anglican Cathedral Church of Resurrection
8350 Ditch Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Tuesday, 25th June, 2019


  1. How many bishops begin their career, by promising to no longer preach what they have been known to preach right before they are consecrated? How can you assure that a bishop will uphold the faith once handed down if he is known for false teaching? His sermon under question has far more concerning problems in it than his mere preaching a prosperity gospel. This man does not know how to handle the grammar and syntax of the English or Greek Bible. This does not seem like CoN cares about their people or the integrity of the office of bishop.
    Bishop elect Dr. Augustine Unuigbe needs basic Greek and bible training, and not to be elevated to his elected office.

  2. He was well trained in theological school and other areas in Nigeria. He is born again and Holy Spirit filled. He is not a cessationist theologian but a continuationist mark you, as some people expect he would be, He believes that God continues do what he has been doing through us.

  3. There are worst materials within the rank and file of Bishops in the Nigerian Anglican Church. You guys in the USA don’t seem to know what you’ve been dealing with. Over time, you’ll gradually come to understand what the leadership of the Nigerian Anglican Church truly and really is – pretentious, fraudulent, malevolent, acrimonious, nepotistic and hypocritical.

  4. @ Godson Paulnzeh, stop lying. Augustine Unuigbe received no sound theological education, if he had any whatsoever, it would be that received at Ezekiel College – an ill equipped Nigerian Anglican Seminary which annual church out jobless Nigerians who due to joblessness turned to church ministry. Even so, it’s common place for Nigerian bishops to ordain people with no theological training, whatsoever. In some cases, some are ordained whilst undertaking theological education and long before completing their training. What Matt Kennedy doesn’t seem to understand is that what Augustine is accused of is commonplace amongst Nigerian priests of all shades. Matt should take a sabbatical travelling across Nigeria to appreciate the how deeply ingrained the issue is.

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