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Frustration and depression have become the leading causes of increasing suicide cases in the world today, according to Dr Akin Moses, the Chief Consultant Family Physician and Director of Training, Department of Family Medicine, National Hospital, Abuja.

Speaking on Day 3 of DIVCCON 2019 on the topic “Overcoming frustration, depression and suicide”,  Dr Moses, a retired colonel in the Nigerian military, said no fewer than 60 million Nigerians are at the risk of depression.

“There is dissatisfaction, disenchantment, discontent, disillusion and anger in our society and this is causing frustration and depression.

‘‘The psycho-social consequences of these are not only a feeling of inadequacy, isolation and aggression but a determination by some persons to escape from these burdens and end it all.”

He described frustration as an emotion that people experience when they cannot achieve their goals, while depression is a psychological disorder where a person feels no interest in any activity and feels helpless.

The family doctor further revealed that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds across the world contributing to the one million suicides recorded annually.

About 90 per cent of these suicides are related to depressive disorders, he explained.

Condemning the rising cases of suicide among young people, the physician observed that many adolescents believe erroneously that the only way to get back at their parents was to commit suicide.

He cautioned such youths to first think of the pain, agony, humiliation and stigma they were subjecting their family members, friends and associates to.

In view of the rising statistics of depression in Nigeria, the Consultant Physician challenged governments at all levels to make policy interventions that would guarantee welfare, equity, educational empowerment, employment, job satisfaction, patriotism and self-worthiness.

On the part of the Church, he said that the message of the church should reflect and emphasize the fact that Jesus shared in pains and sufferings of humanity providing redemption and restoration for all.

He warned the Church against the unhealthy elevation of members’ expectations, unhealthy achievement motivation and unrealistic messages of prosperity.

The retired military officer called on families to work hard to improve family harmony and relationships, noting that “a good home, good parenting style and practices provide joy, happiness and resilience, which are necessary for good mental health.”


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