Women Friendly Initiative (WFI), an Abuja based NGO, has urged Nigerian men to provide more support to their wives during breastfeeding to show care and love.

The Programme Coordinator of the group, Mrs Rosemary Adejo, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gwagwalada on Friday that such support would enhance the psychological well-being of the mother and child.

According to her, majority of women in the country are engaged in exclusive breastfeeding, adding that exclusive breastfeeding is becoming inadequate considering the several challenges facing women and the population of childbearing women.

“Breastfeeding reduces negative moods and stress, nursing mothers and their babies can actually be assisted by their husbands to get over the stressful time.

“The baby should suckle the breast exclusively for at least six months, for adequate nutrition, good bonding and a supportive husband should reduce stress from a lactating mother.

“The stress could lead to minimal flow of the breast milk and cause the lactating mother to spend more time breastfeeding the baby,” she said.

Adejo added that stress has the possibility of affecting the flow of the breast milk from the mother to the child.

She advised husbands to always assist their wives in house chores and not to leave such duties to the breastfeeding mothers alone.