‘‘If you want to have a good retirement, stay close to your family. Develop a positive attitude, learn to be friendly. Be cautious of how you spend your money,’’ Uche Onyemobi, a facilitator at DIVCCON 2019 said Wednesday in Abuja.

Speaking at a seminar entitled ‘‘The Christian and Retirement’’, Onyemobi underscored the importance of retirement to family members, adding that many parents do not have time for their family today because of their jobs.

Onyemobi warned that parents who neglect their family because of their tight work schedule will have no one to lean on after retirement.

He expressed concern that some Christian parents do not attend devotions at home because of their tight schedule.

Onyemobi, therefore, advised that people should include their children in their retirement plans, encouraged all working adults to have more than one stream of income to supplement earning and reduce stress.

` When you retire, do not just sit and do nothing. Engage yourself in hobbies, volunteer either in the church or elsewhere, you can even join politics. You must also exercise,’’ the DIVCCON facilitator said.


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